4 November 2009

Pincushion, Night, cont. Off to the Apple

  Heading to Gotham for a morning visit to Sally Doherty and the people at Holt/McMillan, publishers of my children's books, due out at the beginning of 2011. I'm coming back the same day. Then returning to New York in a week or so for a few days of hanging around, visiting friends I haven't seen, visiting my daughter Emma, hitting plays and museums, and heading for Dim Sum in Chinatown. But that's down the road. Today, just meeting the people who will publish my children's books, a new direction I am very happy about.

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Pincushion, Studio Barn, at night, cont.

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Night Visions: Maria, Studio Barn

  I shot this portrait of Maria working at her sewing machine her Studio after it got dark, and it was shot through the gauze she hangs up to keep the sunlight from pouring into her workspace. I love this shot, as it captures Maria without actually showing her face. And it's dreamy, a new kind of shot for me. The pincushion started it.

Pincushions, Tonight. (1)

 Took three lenses and a tripod over to the Studio where Maria is making potholders and went after the pincushions again. I took a 1800 mm, a 100 mm macro and a 16-35 mm, my normal lens. I got some shots I really like, and a couple of Maria working in the background. I'll put them up tonight, in between watching the Yankees clinch the World Series. Yesterday I thought about all the things I have screwed up in recent years. Today, I thought of all the things I did right this year. Not a bad list.

Smile. The Hound of Love is doing her thing

 If you need to smile, look at a photo of Lenore, and you will. People go into surgery with photos of Lenore hanging on their hospital walls. She goes with people to job interviews,  and she does her work when they need a lift. If you look into her eyes, you will smile. It is her mission.

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