7 November 2009

Faith And Frost

 It was 20 degrees at the farm last night, and so I got up early with the camera to catch the morning frost, a backdrop against the Methodist Church in town. I love the way the spire shoots up out of the trees, in the best spirit of faith, and it seemed a good Sunday morning photo to put up.
  There is good and uplifting news in the world, and sad and disturbing news, and both exist side by side. It is essential, I believe, to have some faith to push us towards a meaningful life. Some find this faith in religion, some in nature, others in art and spirit.
  I believe it is important to live your life, tell your story, send your signal to the world. For all of its troubles, life is good.

Lost America

Collapsing barn, N. Hebron, N.Y.

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Kettle Corn Maker

  Went to the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council (LARAC) Crafts Fair in Queensbury, N.Y., and saw a kettle corn maker
standing in the bed of his truck. Hard, hot work. Great popcorn.

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So long, Pink and Green Potholder

  The controversial pink and green potholder departed Bedlam Farm today (I won't miss it) for Colorado, where it is wanted. I suggested last week  that pink and green are dubious together, and I have been catching it ever since. Maria just laughs, of course, but she did defend her potholder on her website.
  Taste is subjective, of course, and I know nothing about colors, except the ones I like to take photos of. This controversy was fun.

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