8 November 2009

Izzy: Soul Of A Dog

 November 8, 2009 – Izzy is a famous dog. He has traveled widely, been all over TV and been photographed countless times. He is a remarkable creature. I never refer to him as a rescue or abused dog, he is simply a dog who lived alone on a farm for some years and now lives with me. There is nothing piteous or abused about him. Wherever I go, he watches me,and he seems to understand photography as well as he understands hospice work or anything else I ask him to do.
 When I started taking photos, Izzy was with me. He still is. Izzy gets it.

Glorious Pincushion

 The gift of photography is that you can see the world for the first time – leaves, light, eggs, potholders, pin cushions. I'm in love with Maria's pin cushion, but you have to catch it at precisely the right moment, when the sun hits directly on the side of the cushion. Five minutes before or after, and you've missed it. At the right moment, it ceases being a pin cushion and becomes something else, a story, a world, an idea. The artist's challenge is to take the stories, light and colors of the world and help people make sense of them. There is a lot in this pin cushion, many messages, creations, experiences. When you see the light hit this way, it seems the pin cushion could talk.


Two notes. At 1 p.m., Saturday, November 28, the dogs and I will be at Gardenworks to talk about and sell the new ASA (Agricultural Stewardship Association) Calendar, crammed with photos by Corinna Aldrich and me, and available for looking and purchasing online. I will also be talking about my next book, the novel "Rose In A Storm," my children's books and anything else people want to ask me about. I will sign books, and calendars, and Gardenworks (1 518 854-3250) will sell its usual assortment of fresh muffins and pies, gourmet cheeses and produce, gifts and crafts, cider and chili, Thanksgiving provisions and Christmas gifts. Come on by, 1-3 p.m.


 On January 9, the Redux Art Gallery in Dorset Vt. will kick off a month long-show of my photography, "Portraits of My Life,"  portraits of different parts of my life – dogs, farmscapes, chickens, county fair, cows. I will be on hand, along with some dogs, to talk about the portraits and what they have meant to my life. All of the photographs will be sold, and we are working to sell some under $200.

Dozing, by the wood stove

   Lenore catching heat from the stove and rays from the sun. Today, working on my children's book, "The Dogs Of Bedlam Farm." Waiting to hear from my editor on final vs of "Rose In A Storm." Going to NYC at the end of the week for a few days of business, fun, and re-connection with the city. And my daughter, who lives in Brooklyn. I have been estranged from New York for some years – I used to work and live there – and it's time to reconnect. Plays. Museums. Walks, Photos. Visits with Emma. Meetings with my agent.  Bittersweet, too. Pain and gain, loss and change.