29 June 2010

Bedlam Farm: Off the Market

Bedlam Farm is not for sale

Bedlam Farm is not for sale

Bedlam Farm was officially de-listed today as a property for sale. It's off the market, and Maria and I are not selling or moving, not for the foreseeable future. The donkeys are staying, along with the dogs and barn cats. Sheep will come and go as Darryl Kuehne wants. They'll be here in the summer eating my grass.

The decision to sell the farm was complex. I was overwhelmed by the number of things I was trying to do – children's books, photography, fiction, farming. There were too many animals here. It seemed overwhelming, especially after the divorce. Things are different now. I am married. Maria and I share a love for the place and the animals who are here. I have written a novel, three children's books, a short story collection and am working on a book about animal grieving. I have reorganized my personal and financial life and the farm is financially and physically manageable. The cows and goats are gone, as are the sheep most of the time, and I've sold off a chunk of property to a good neighbor.

I am very productive here. And as important, so is Maria. She loves the Studio Barn and is cranking out potholders, e-book bags, cell phone and eyeglass cases and her beloved quilts. So we're not going anywhere. I like the central location of the farm, which is somewhat remote itself, but near several cities and towns we love – Saratoga, Glens Falls, Manchester, Vt., Dorset, Vt., Cambridge, N.Y. We have lots of wonderful friends, and I love the group male friends I have been fortunate to meet and get to know. This is a creative place, and we are a creative union. Bedlam Farm is such a huge part of that. So it's no longer for sale, and that feels good.