16 October 2010

Bedlam Farewell

Goodbye to donkeys, cats

Before we left for Ohio, Maria came out to say goodbye to her beloved donkeys, who rushed down, along with the cats, for carrots, apples and some brushing. Lenore scarfed around eating grass. Maria talks to the donkeys, and they talk back. She has a special way with animals. I am learning from it.

We talked on the way about my idea that some animals are spirit guides, taking us places we need or want to go.

Shuffled off to Buffalo

Shuffled off to Buffalo

Northern New York State is a quiet and empty place and we started wearing out in Rochester – we only have one day to get to Columbus. So the Ipad found hotels and reviews for us. We narrowly avoided the place with the hairs in the shower stall (reported by many visitors) and have ended up at the Comfort Inn in Buffalo. We will get up at dawn, then have breakfast and driver another six hours to the reading. Monday night: Books and Co. in Dayton. Got my camera and will keep trying to figure out how to use my new Wordblog program for photos. Took Izzy out for a late night ball-chasing exercise and walk.

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Inside a book tour: dinner

Dinner at the library: book tour

We did not get one of those glamorous book tour dinners you sometimes get. When you travel with a do, you eat wih the dog, in this case at the Clifton Park Library parking lot. The ambience could be better but the sandwiches and kibble was good and then we headed out. Going to Columbus Sunday for the Book Loft (arranged after the Thurber House declined Izzy because the space they use for events doesn't take dogs). So we are going to German Village at 2 p.m. for a talk and signing in the courtyard, weather permitting.

Izzy mobbed at the Halfmoon Library

Izzy and his fans

I'm used to this, but when we came into the Halfmoon Library in Clifton Park, N.Y., the security guard came rushing out, saying "Izzy, Izzy," and running out to meet the soul dog. "I'm Jon Katz," I volunteered. "Here for the signing." She nodded and waved me in. That more or less set the tone. More than 100 people came out for the signing and we had a great conversation about writing, love of dogs, grieving for animals, and my own motives for moving to the farm and writing a novel. Did I write my books because I love dogs?

No, I said. I love dogs, but I write my books because I love writing. There is a big difference. At 5 p.m., we headed for Columbus an made it as far as Buffalo before we just wore out. The Ipad did heroic service as a GPS, mileage and time estimator, and hotel finder and mileage and time gauge. I love it. People who dismiss it as a toy just haven't used one. It's a bunch of different and highly useful tools. Got a great app for 99 cents called "How Far?" which tells you where you are and how far it is to where you are going.

Can't figure out how to upload photos yet, but got the text going to the blog. I'll keep at it. Maria and I took turns driving. We are tired. Izzy chased the ball, opened a cut on his leg. Looks minor.

Long night. On the road.

Left Clifton Park around 5 p.m.
Fed Izzy, threw the ball for him. My readings have all been strong, warm. Another large crowd, sold a ton of books, selling lots of family farm notecards. Wow, the blog and the photos mean much to people – shocking to me, gratifying. Long drive – 9 hours to Columbus.
We are looking for a motel. Will get up early to finish the drive. Met a trucker – Chris -who lost his border collie that he rode around with.
People always ask me if I write because I love dogs.
No, I say, I write because I love writing.
No photos till later, just words, the way writers used to write.
So different going on tour with Maria. Tours used to be so lonely.
I could drive all night.

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Location:I-90 heading West

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