20 October 2010

Inside the book tour: Lexington

Not in the midwest anymore

Lexington, Ky. — Lexington is a different world from the tattered industrial Midwest of Ohio. Everyone at the hotel is friendly (although they seem startled by things like valet parking) and Izzy is a hit everywhere, welcomed without a challenge. We got up before dawn to walk around Cincinnati, and then we drove down I-75 to Kentucky, and watched as the soft and gentle nature of the South unfolded, and we saw the great tobacco barns (can't wait to put a lens on them!) and horse farms unfold. Downtown Lexington looks charming, inviting and we can't wait to walk around.

Izzy slides in wherever are, checking out the view of the downtown from the chair. I forget how remarkable a creature he is sometimes until I bring him into strange environments and watch him do his thing. Off to a TV-interview, and then the Woodford Library in Versailles, and I hope I get some photos along the way. Then back to an early dinner with some friends from the U. Of Kentucky including Dr. Debra Katz, a psychiatrist who is writing the preface for my book on animal grieving. Then a reading tonight at Joseph Beth, Lexington, 7 p.m. Tomorrow, back to Ohio for the Bainbridge Library in Chagrin Falls,  7 p.m. Wish we had more time in Lexington.