11 January 2011

Last light, Sheldon Road. Storm Center. Life Center.

Sheldon Road, Silo

Another storm headed our way. Storm Center, a great metaphor for our times, is sending out warnings and alerts. Stay inside. Stay warm. Don't travel. Don't drive. My neighbor Carr the farmer came by in his truck.

"Hey, Carr. Did you hear the weather?

He looks up at the sky.


"They say it's going to snow tomorrow."

"That so?"

"Yup. Storm warning."

Yessir, he said. Tends to do that in January.

I don't think Carr listens to Storm Center.

In our life, the information culture makes itself useful  not by informing or educating us, but by warning and alarming us. All of life, it seems, is a warming to be discovered or delivered. It would be nice if there was a a Life Center, issuing warnings and alerts like this: "Hey, great news. It will snow tonight and tomorrow, and be incredibly beautiful in the morning, and great for walks, games and beautiful scenes. And lucky kids will get off of school and lucky people will get off of work."