28 January 2012

Saturday Afternoon. Four. Chickens Out

Saturday Afternoon. Chickens Pecking


Saturday afternoon, the ice melted, the chickens were out foraging.

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Saturday Afternoon. Three. Maria, Fanny

Saturday Afternoon: Maria, Fanny


Maria shares a bit of her birthday with Fanny.

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Saturday Afternoon. Two. Mouse About To Die

Mother. Mouse About To Die


Whenever Mother takes up a position like this, a mouse is usually about to die. That was the case here.

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Chicken Art: For Sale

Chicken Art: The Conversation


I call this photo "Dinner Conversation" and it's one of 10 photos I'm showing and offering for sale at Gallery 99 later this week. I'll be at the show reception Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m to talk about my photos and meet people who wish to see or purchase them. They cost about $75 a piece to print and mat (they are standard size for inexpensive framing) so I'll sell them for $75. About half of them are what I call "Chicken Art," a study of the shapes and rythyms of chickens with their rich and mesmerizing shapes. The other half are assorted wind chimes and farmscapes.

Maria is working at Gallery 99 for much of next week and details of the show are available on her website, as  Gallery 99 does not have a website of its own. I am very supportive of the Gallery 99 idea, which is a mobile people's gallery and assembles well-known artists and sells some of their best work for less than $99. Mostly I give my photos away on the website, but every now and then it's good to offer them for sale cheaply. I love the chicken photos. A number of people have asked if they might purchase any of these photos if they can't make it to the show, and Maria has offered to facilitate that. People interested in purchasing them for $75 plus shipping can e-mail her at maria@fullmoonfiberart.com. I am always ambivalent about selling the photos, as I believe they should be free. But there is nothing wrong with selling some, I am told, and mostly believe it. Maria says I am a total Prima Donna when it comes to selling photos. Perhaps so.

Chicken Art

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Happy Birthday Dearest Thing: She Chose Life

Choose Life: Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to the person who entered my life like a loving storm, sweeping away the darkness and loneliness and fear. Who showed me how to love and how to be loved. Who worships the creative spark, as I do. Whose religion is love, spirituality and creativity. Who encourages me every day, in every way.

Who shares my belief that life is not an argument, but a series of choices.

That our lives of self-determination and encouragement are as political as any candidate for president.

Who vowed to choose life, every time.

Who accepted me as a partner and lover in life.

Whom I promised to love a bit more every time she cries.

Who understands that a courageous life is not one that is without fear, but one that thrives despite fear.

Who does not seek a perfect life, but a meaningful life.

Who wishes to care for herself.

Who is a rainbow, a comet who trails light and beauty across the sky.

Who sees the person I want to be, and am sometimes not.

Who loves animals, and respects them for what they are.

Who loves me in the same way.

Who has never harmed a living thing.

An earth that can produce such a person is a good and wondrous place. Her existence reminds me every day of the  love, compassion and joy that exist in the world, and consciousness of that is the part of my soul that I wish to nourish and grow every day.

Happy Birthday, dearest thing, and may you continue to bloom and grow and spread your light and color. May your power grow every day of your life. You are a garden unto yourself.

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