29 February 2012

Winter Pasture: Rocky

Winter Pasture


Went to see Rocky. He can't see. He turns when he hears the door slam, and I think he knows my car. I stand about 50 feet away, and I call out his name, "Hey, Rocky, Hey Rocky, it's me, It's Jon." Then I walk slowly and I watch his head and eyes as he turns towards me. He does not know exactly where I am, he comes to the same place in the fence and steps back and waits, his head scanning. I hop the fence, and hold out an apple. "Hey, Rocky," I say, over and over again. He approaches slowly and then takes a bite of the apple, and then I drop the other half on the ground in front of him. He chews half, then puts his nose to the ground and swings his head until he finds it.

I hold my hand out, to scratch his mane, and he starts at first, not seeing where I am. Then he settles. We stand together for a few minutes, and he comes up to me, noses me, sniffs. Then I leave, say goodbye. There's a storm coming Rocky, and he will get to the shelter of his barn. See you tomorrow, maybe.

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