3 November 2012

Poem: Just Ask The Donkey In Me

Hey There

Hey there. If you have a question, just ask the donkey in me. To speak to the donkey in you. I am longing to say something wonderful and exciting directly to  your heart, face-to-face with your soul.

There are so many  beautiful animals in the world,

in my pasture, in my house, in my yard,

and you may even have some of your own.

Look into my big brown donkey eyes, and ask me, wise old donkey soul,

what good does anger do you?

The donkey in me has seen a lot, for thousands of years,

and he knows what questions to ask:

why do you let fear drain the bank account of your spirit?

Ask me: Is your life an argument? Do angry people clutter

the inbox of your life?

Are you dreams screaming to get out,

and make their way in the world?

Isn't love the most precious matter in the world, shoved aside and forgotten,

by angry and hungry men living their small and  hollow lives,

telling you what to do?

Do you have a better idea of how to pass a lonely night,

to hold hands and sing sweet songs to your God?

Bring your donkey to me. And he will ask the donkey in me,

to speak to the donkey in you,

and tell you ancient stories of triumph and affirmation.

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