4 January 2013

Flo’s Return

Flo's Return

Flo returned yesterday afternoon, appearing by Maria's side as she went to the barn to feed the animals. We don't know where she was or where she came from. It seems likely she was sleeping off the effects of the medications she received at the vet Wednesday. I was away from the farm, Maria texted me "Flo's Back." I am braced for anything when it comes to a barn cat but I was very relieved to hear the news. We both were. Flo has gotten to me. I admire her smarts, strength and determination. I like the independence of this cat. We have made a connection. She does not strike me as ferocious as Mother, or as affectionate as Minnie. I think we connect though. I am glad she is back. I am prepared for her to disappear one day and never return.

That is the ballet of the barn cat.

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