4 February 2013

Lenore On The Couch. And “Lincoln.”

Lenore On The Couch

Lenore On The Couch

This is an Iphone 5 photo. The Iphone 5 has a good camera, but not up to a good DSLR. In the right light, it is good as moist point and shoots but it can't compare to work done by the good Nikon and Canon lenses. It is very nice for shots like this though – low light and still.

Other notes. I saw "Lincoln" yesterday. I admire the acting and scenery but I have to be  honest. I thought it was sometimes tedious, sometimes ponderous, sometimes obvious. This is a story we know, a message most of us believe in. It felt like one of the better movies I was brought to assembly to watch during social studies in high school. Daniel Day-Lewis was extraordinary and as a Lincoln-lover, I enjoyed watching this remarkable figure come to life and do his passionate wheeling and dealing for equality. But it seemed at times to be more of a history lesson than a movie.

Spielberg is definitely making a statement about contemporary politics, going back in time to make his point. The couple behind me got nervous at the end: "I think something bad might happen to him" she said. "Me, too," he answered. There was not much suspense in it for me, except for the people behind me, don't we all know how it turned out? I'm doing a book review later: Ben Schrank on marriage.

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