4 February 2013

My Photo: Common Thread Art Giveaway

Photo Giveaway

Photo Giveaway

Some business. This morning it's my turn to give away a piece of art in support of the Common Thread Art Giveaway organized by Maria and a talented group of artists. Each artist gives away a piece of their work every month to one of the people who posts a comment – this week it's on Maria's very lovely blog. Just post and the artists will choose one of the comments at Random to receive the photo free. I'm offering a signed and matted photo entitled "Fran And Meg At Old Bedlam Farm."  You may remember Fran and Meg, two spirited Rhode Island Reds who battled the Bedlam Farm fox. You can see it and post your comment here. Good luck.

I  also want to thank the people who are making contributions to this blog to support bedlamfarm.com and my photography. The money will go to improve and maintain the blog and for photographic equipment and maintenance. I appreciate this compensation for my writing, time and photographic work. I also appreciate the $5 contributions as much as the larger ones. I am learning what the blog means to people. Please also note that Fromm Family Foods has become a sponsor of the website with a permanent banner ad. This is the food I feed Red, Lenore and Frieda. It is the best food I have ever found – this is the oldest independently-owned premium dog and cat food company in America –  and I am pleased that so many of you are getting the same results. Great food and another way of buying local and supporting quality and individuality.  Click on the ad at the top of the Farm Journal Page  for nutritional information and coupon offers.

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