11 September 2015

Heads Up! Bedlam Farm Yarn For Sale

Bedlam Farm Yarn For Sale

Bedlam Farm Yarn For Sale

A heads up for yarn lovers. Maria is putting up some skeins of yarn from our sheep this afternoon. Above is wool from Socks, Zelda and Susie, from left to right. A lot of her yarn is already sold, there were a lot of requests left over from the Spring shearing, but I think there are about 25 skeins left, they are $23 each plus shipping. There is also some roving for sale.

We are always amazed at how beautiful the wool looks after the Vermont Knitting Mill gets done with it, we are shearing the sheep again in November.  The color of their wool changes, it gets deeper and richer, Zelda's is an astonishingly pure white. This has become one of our favorite rituals, between selling the yarn and the sheepherding, our sheep earn their keep. You can order the yarn on Maria's website this afternoon.  You can also e-mail her at maria@fullmoonfiberart.com. If you are interested I wouldn't wait, it doesn't usually last long.

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