11 September 2015

Portrait: Pizza Man, Cook: Dominick Brings Order…

Pizza Man, Cook

Pizza Man, Cook

Dominick works the pizza ovens with Scott Carrino on Friday night's, he has helped bring order to the process. Scott's wood-fired pizza's are getting popular, it was getting chaotic, but Scott and Dominick have joined up – Team Pizza – to make it a well-oiled machine. Scott brings all kinds of fresh vegetables – he is manic about everything being fresh – from his gardens and has an elaborate system to keep the ovens hot and the orders moving alone.

He and Dominick work easily together, Dominick is focused and oriented to detail, as is Scott.  They are, in many ways, two peas in a pod. Dominick is going to work at the Round House Cafe in the kitchen several days a week, he has thus been drawn into the Bedlam orbit, God Help him. He doesn't smile all that easily, I told  him to look at my bald spot and pointed the camera at him. He bit.

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