13 September 2015

Brushing Lulu: The St. John’s Boys. Animals In Our Lives.

Brushing Lulu

Brushing Lulu

There were many touching moments when the St. John's Boys visited the farm. They loved to watch Red and Rose herd the sheep, their eyes were wide and they had a lot of questions, so many I might go see them again at Pompanuck Farms Monday afternoon, their visit was cut short by a fierce rainstorm.

One student in particular – I won't use his name – asked to brush Chloe and then the donkeys. His touch was gentle and intuitive, and the animals loved him and responded to him. The usually standoffish Lulu nestled against him, and stood still for a long time as he brushed her with confidence and sensitivity. He is a natural animals lover, and the smile on his face showed that he saw that as well.

He said he may work with animals now when he gets older. I hope that happens, and if it does, I will be proud and excited that his visit to the farm may have lit that spark. The visit reminded me why animals need to remain in our every day lives, especially in cities and suburbs, where most people live.

I told them about the New York Carriage Horses, none of them had ever seen them, I think that will change now.

We need animals in our lives,  they matter, it would be so wrong to banish them all to rescue farms and preserves where kids like the St. John's boys will never see them. We talked about love, responsibility and the healing power of creatures like donkeys. How can they ever know about it if they never see them?

Lulu did good work today.

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