12 March 2017

Re-Imagining The Portrait: Maria At Home


We spent a very quiet an peaceful day at home today, we only went outside once in the bitter cold. This is the first outdoor portrait I've taken with the new lens, and this is making me re-thinking my portrait work, I try to get a sense of the person as well as the place. Maria always seems peaceful and purposeful to me, she is always on her way to one place or another, sometimes she relents and sits. She has a powerful attachment to the animals, and any photo that shows them around her helps to capture her. I very much like the bokeh here, the blurring of the background so that you see it but don't focus on it.

Tomorrow night, a big storm approaching and continuing through Wednesday afternoon. I think of the day Maria went off to India, a big blizzard hit and that was a hard and cold and lonely day for me. I've got good soup and things to eat and we will do some nice work and take some neat photographs I hope.

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