17 March 2017

New Photographer In The Family

New Photographer

We have another photographer in the family, my granddaughter Robin just got a new stand-up device that bounces and keeps her secure in a circle of toys, including a new camera with a flash. Here we go. I'll have to save one of these lenses for her.

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Sheep! Liam Swaggers


Red and Fate swivel and watch as Liam rather defiantly struts in front of them. He  knows when they are on the other side of the gate. I let  Red in and Liam hustled back into the barn. He does not listen much to Fate.

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Into The Frozen North

The Frozen North

Maria led an expedition into the blizzard-hit far pasture, a couple of days ago, it was too steep to walk through. The sheep and donkeys followed her and Fae and Chloe in, and then headed back to the barn around feeding time. This time of the year, the snow is strong and high. I canceled my writing class tomorrow, the roads around Pompanuck Farm are still spotty and some people drive a long way. This weekend, working on my book, taking photos, looking to see a play or a movie.

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Tin Goat For Herman, From Oregon

Tin Goat

Gina Wallace sent me a tin goat to give to Herman for the walls in his room at the Mansion. I think he'll love it, he is expected to come  home in a few days. We are putting some goat stuff up on the Mansion walls, I think we are just about done, and thank you. The Mansion is planning a week-long art show in April, and thanks for the pads and pencils and brushes you have sent. Local artists are going to come in and give talks and demonstrations and there will be a show for the residents towards the end of the month.

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A Lamb For Herman: Coming Back Home Soon

Something for Herman: Photo By Mandi Mulready

One of the blog readers sent me a stuffed lamb for Herman, I brought it to the Mansion Thursday and Mandi Mulready, an aide at the Mansion, brought it to Herman in the hospital, where he has been for the last several days.  He was happy to have it. It was very kind of her to do that, he appreciates the support and interest he has been receiving, and he is over the moon after the visit with Treasure Wilkinson's baby goat.

Mandi says Herman is doing well and is expected to return to the Mansion shortly, Today I got an metal goat sculpture which I will take over to the Mansion, I think he will love to have it on his wall. These gifts are wonderful and thoughtful, and they matter so much. Thanks.

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