19 March 2017

Portrait: Christie And Her Time

Christie And Her Time

We all have our times, I think. My time was in Hebron nine years ago when I found myself going to pieces, terrified, broke and alone. I had a choice, either give rebirth to myself or perished, there was no one to save me or comfort me or pull me through, at least not until Maria came along, out of nowhere, to take my hand and lead me back to life.

I have the sense that this is Christie's time, and I am happy to share some of it with you. Her next chapter is hers to live.  Sometimes we can come along, sometimes we can't. She is seeking to give rebirth to herself and to no longer hide the realities of her life. As always, I wanted to take a portrait, she looked strong and healthier to me than she had the other day.

I'm humbled by her trust in me, and by the power of encouragement that is so important and healing for me.  Empathy, not sympathy,  compassion, not pity, are the noble spirits, the path to our greatest human potential.

So, it's Christie's Time, the next chapter for her. Gabriel Garcia Marquez says we are not born once, when our mother gives birth to us, but life requires us to give birth to ourselves again and again.

I wish Christie luck and hope the angels sing for her and send the wind to her back.

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