20 March 2017

Part One: Dog Bites Man

Part One, Dog Bites Man

Every evening, Fate crawls into my lap, and torments me in her pirate way. Sometimes, she grabs my hand and takes it in her mouth. Then I scratch her belly and she falls asleep for a minute or two, and then wakes up and we wrestle some more. We both love this game, I don't really know why, Fate is very gentle and never harms or scratches me.

I think it is her way of showing affection, perhaps something she did in the litter. We have a good time, I am always laughing, says Maria who took this photo. And this is one of Fate's favorite, if strange, games. I do not usually ever allow a dog to put their mouth on any part of me, but Fate is quite unique in many ways, she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had.

I love the idea of her and Maria hanging out with each other all day in Maria's studio. They just click. Maria says Fate and I have a pirate connection, and I think this is true.

I have my own way of retaliating as you can see in the next photo.

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