20 March 2017

Portrait: Treasure, Woman Of A Thousand Faces

Woman Of A Thousand Faces

When you see Treasure with an animal, you think every animal in the world should live with her. She has an instant connection with them, I think it has to do with the emotions that are so close to the surface in her, and show up so clearly in her face. She is the woman of a thousand faces, not portrait of her is ever the same, each one is full of feeling. Some day, perhaps I'll get to do a Treasure photo show.

Or a Treasure and Kelly and Maria photo show. Women Of My World.

I took this portrait with my new Petzval 58 lens, I am in love with it, I love the way it blurs the background.

Most people today are used to digital photography, which is instant,  and it is difficult to get someone like Treasure to stand still long enough for me to adjust the gear focus, insert the right metal plate,  get the correct ISO setting, adjust the bokeh (background blur).

The Petzval was made recently in Russia with Russian glass, but has kept almost all of the original structure. No electronics of any kind.

I keep mine on high bokeh, no. 7, I love the way the Russian glass focuses the photo on the subject and forces the viewer to look there.

The lens teaches me about the great portrait era in photography (it was made in 1840) when the photographer really had to think about the picture. Patience is important, and patience is nearly extinct in our world.

I had to move Treasure around five times so she wouldn't squint and then yell at her to be still. I think she is used to crazy men.

Sunday, she and her partner Donna will get to live with Chloe, a farmer is driving her to their farm in his trailer. We both will miss Chloe, she is quite a presence, but I don't think an animal can do much better than living with Treasure, who will be working at the Bedlam Farm Spring Open House on June 10 and 11, helping to give tours of the pasture and visits with donkeys and sheep.

We just realized that my next book, Talking to Animals, which Treasure does all the time, will be out in May and I will give readings at the Open House and sign books there. You can pre-order the books via Battenkill Books and get a classy, custom-designed Tote-Bag if you are one of the first 1,000 to pre-order.

I will sign and personalize each copy bought from Battenkill, my wonderful, local, independent bookstore. We are so lucky to have it here. There are several hundred spots to go for the Tote-Bag, and if we hit 1,000, we'll order more.

Treasure is a valuable addition to the Open House, she will be here on both days. She's worth a trip all on her own. Treasure came by to get our phone numbers, her cell phone disintegrated. Treasure's life is full of mishaps and drama, she always arrives with great stories to tell.

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