20 March 2017

Welcome To Spring


Today is the first day of Spring, we can feel it in the morning sun even if can't quite see it on the ground yet. The snow from the blizzard is beginning to melt, the sun is strong and powerful, it is not a winter sun, and Spring is exciting around here. In a few weeks the animals will be grazing, and we will be preparing our gardens. Our Spring Open House, from June 10-11th is just a few months away.

My next book, Talking To Animals, will be out in seven weeks. This coming Sunday, Chloe will go off to live with Treasure Wilkinson and her family, a good place for a pony to be. We will miss her, but feel very solid about our decision. Next weekend, we will go off to Vermont to pick up the first wool that includes the Romneys.

This afternoon, I will go to the Mansion to drop off their new Deluxe Scrabble game and Tuesday, the new van arrives, thanks to you. Wednesday, Maria and I are taking our friend Camilia to an immigration lawyer in the hopes of finding a way to help her stay safely in this country, where she has lived most of her life. Looks like a good week.

For me, Spring is the return to color and light, important elements in my life. I woke up anxious this morning, not sure about what, but the morning sun over the pasture, and my wife's warm  heart melted it all away.

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