20 April 2017

Kelly: All The World’s A Stage. Lessons From The Bog.

Lessons From The Bog

If all the world is a stage, the bar is one of its great theaters. Tonight, at the Bog, the dining room was full, the bar was uncharacteristically  empty. Is is crazy in the kitchen, I asked? No point in getting crazy, she said. Doesn't do any good.

Kelly has mastered the art of acceptance and equanimity, something many people aspire to, but few can achieve.

Like a farm a bar is a great teacher of life and wisdom. You hear a lot, see a lot. Patience is demanded, perspective required. Kelly seems to understand what it important and what is  not, what can be done about things, and what can't. There is just no point worrying about things you can't control, and that is a lesson that can be learned anywhere, at any point in life.

I am just getting to it. Kelly was there ahead of me. It was nice to see her standing alone and unobstructed behind the bar, it is not something I often see. The camera was quick to react.

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