20 April 2017

Red’s Head. The Open House

Red's Head

Red is likely to pop up anywhere in the pasture, like Waldo, he finds the best spot to keep an eye on the sheep and plops down there. He never takes his eyes off of them. If I left him alone there, he would starve to death before he moved, I am careful to remember him, he is so quiet and still it is sometimes easy to forget he is there.

People can come and meet Red and see him and  Fate work at our Spring Open House (the second one is Columbus Day Weekend). June 10-11, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. You can do a lot more than see Red. You can buy my new book "Talking To Animals" and I will sign it for you. I will also read from the book and talk about it on both days.

Maria will be hosting her much-loved art show in her  School House Studio. A half-dozen wonderful local artists will be showing and selling her work along with her. We will do regular sheep herding demos with Red and Fate. Treasure Wilkinson will be on hand to host donkey and sheep tours.

Farrier Ken Norman will come and trim some hooves. Mary Kellogg and Jackie Thorne will read their poetry.  Ed Gulley will talk about the life of the farmer, show his original farm and folk art, and may even bring Silly Sally, a new and very social Swiss calf.There is even a spanking new motel in Cambridge, the Motel Cambridge, details on Maria's website.

If you can't come, I will post photos and videos for you. And Maria will save some of the art to post on her blog after the show, so people who can't make it can see it and buy it if they wish.

The art is wonderful, individualistic, inexpensive. Rachel Barlow is selling her sketches and landscapes, Carol Conklin her wonderful batik's and scarves, Deborah Glessner her jewelry.

I love the way the event has evolved, it is quiet, steady, intimate and intensely friendly. It is not chaotic or overwhelming, but fun and easy. It feels like a family re-union, which is what it has, in so many ways become. I enjoy meeting the people who read the blog (I didn't used to), it has a special feel to it. The dogs love visitors.

As always we will put up a voluntary donation bucket to help with the costs. Please, no dogs, thanks. Three people have already asked if they could bring their border collies to watch Red. Sorry, but no. Strange animals are disturbing to the animals here, as well as the dogs.

If you can, come and meet me and Maria, and come and see Red and Fate. During the Open Houses, we celebrate and share our lives on the farm and the art of rural life. And this is the first time in a couple of years that I have a new book out. You can also pre-order the book through Battenkill Books. I will sign and personalize it, and you will receive a free and very classy new tote-bag.

You can also call the store at 518 677-2515.

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