20 April 2017

Robin’s Coming, Robin’s Coming

Robin's Coming, Robin's Coming

So Robin, my granddaughter, is coming to Bedlam Farm for three days at the end of May. My daughter Emma is grappling with the logistics on her end, how to get the baby and all their stuff to Penn Station, on the train. We will meet her in Albany. There are plenty of logistics on my end. I spent some time this week ordering a portable crib, a portable high chair, a mattress, sheets  and diapers.

The packages are beginning to arrive..

We will stock the bed with some toys, maybe she will bring her sloth. I plan to march Robin down Main Street in her stroller. She'll meet the donkeys, watch the dogs, see the chickens and barn cats. We'll see what happens. Emma was never a big fan of the country, she thought I had lost my mind when I moved up here, but seems easier with it  not.

We'll see what Robin thinks, she is free to love it, be bored by it, or hate it, it's up to her. I won't push my life onto either of them, they are both very happy in Brooklyn.

Robin will be here for three days. I hope to spend some time with her and also help Emma get a rest, her husband Jay will be out of town for four days and we can offer her some help. We have a small guest room upstairs and they will be comfortable there. The donkeys love babies and small children, and Robin may draw Emma into some of the pleasures of the farm and the country.

I think she is ready for some peace and quiet, I hope she'll let us help her. As to Robin, we'll let life take its own course. I'll probably run to a toy store somewhere and stock up. I think one of the key roles of the grandfather is a steady supply of toys.

We'll visit the Round House, the bookstore, maybe the Mansion. They love to see babies there. I want to show Robin some of my life. If it's warm, we'll go over to the Gulley's farm and meet some cows and goats and Gulleys.  Visits there are always memorable.

If it's warm, she can see the goldfish in the Pompanuck Farm pond or wade in the Battenkill River. I wonder if she's ready for an animated movie at eight months old. I hope so sit out on the chairs under the apple tree with her and watch the barn cats and geese and see the sun come up over the mountains.

I hope Emma will take some walks with me and Maria, sit out in the sun, read some books, get off the Iphone for awhile. I want both of them to feel safe and loved and cared for her. I have to remember to buy the food Emma likes as well as toys for Robin. I keep thinking of the donkeys, somehow I think Robin wants to see them.

My idea is to let Robin show us what she wants and doesn't want, and to listen to hear. To Emma too. I want this visit to be warm and easy, I want all of us to end up wanting more, rather than relief when it's over.

So Robin's coming. Maria is into it as well, we haven't had many babies at the farm, let alone one from my own family. A landmark for me and for the farm. I'll keep you posted.

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