22 April 2017

Robin’s Coming: The High Chair

The High Chair

I am fortunate to have Maria for many reasons, one is that she is so much handier than I am. She put the high chair for Robin together in a few minutes. Emma said she didn't think we needed a high chair, , but I think it makes sense, Robin will have some secure place to eat, play and watch when she is downstairs and not getting hauled around the farm or the town. We hope to bring her to Pompanuck Farm to see the goldfish there, and also to the Gulley Farm to see the cows and goats and odd creatures who live there.

The baby monitor is the last thing to come, and that will arrive in a day or so. I just have to stuff the crib with a few more toys and we are all set for Robin and Emma.

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Robin’s Coming. Putting The Crib Together.

The Crib

Robins coming at the end of May, but I began ordering things for her visit this week to make sure we are ready. The living room filled up with big boxes this week. I looked for the folding crib we wanted and found it on Amazon. I spent an hour poring through the reviews, sent the link to Emma for approval, and also ordered sheets, a mattress pad, a car seat, and a high chair.

I like the reviews and comments on this L.A Baby Deluxe folding crib, people said it was sturdy, easy to fold up and store, and mostly assembled. For once, this was true, it took less just a few minutes to put it together, mostly it was adding the lockablle wheels.

We assembled the crip up in Maria's home office on the second floor, the room doubles as a guest room.

I like the crib, it is sturdy, simple to fold up, just the ticket. We stocked it with a stuffed fox Robin might like for company I'm sure there will be other things when she comes in about a month. Fate considered stealing the fox, she was threatened with destruction.

Maria did most of the assembly, and she had no trouble at all. Fate tried to steal the fox we put in the crib. I'm thinking i ought to get a baby monitor so that Emma can come downstairs and sit in peace after Robin goes to sleep. The monitors range from $17 to $499 and I found some of them creepy and excessive and intrusive. I got a fairly simple one, it has a video image and sound.

About $49.99. We put the high chair together but can't figure out how to fold it up. No rush, we have time. The only other things I might need are diapers and wipes.

My goal is to help Emma get some  rest – she is pretty and understandably worn out – and show Robin the farm and her first donkeys and chickens and barn cats. The doctor in Brooklyn says she needs to be exposed to real dirt so that she can build up her immune system. She's coming to the right place.

Things with Robin have gone about as I expected them to. I enjoy her when I see her, and feel a strong connection to her. I am not deeply involved in her life, and that feels comfortable to me. People tell me that I am over the top, but honestly, I don't think so.

I am not an over-the-top kind of person, I am right where I want to be, loving her and  yet also  living my own life, as she is living hers. The distance keeps her bounded, and Emma and Jay take wonderful care of her. She and I will make mischief together, she has a pirate gleam in her eye, and is fun-time girl.

That's what feels right to me. People also claim she looks like me, but I have learned that people see what they want to see, and mostly, she looks like her mother and father.

No baby girl ought to look like her grandfather, and I am have never been called adorable in my entire life.

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Bob And Fate

Bob And Fate

I let Fate out of the car at the dump, she knows it well, and she made a beeline for Bob, who has a biscuit waiting for her. Fate has friends everywhere in town – at the hardware store, the bookstore, the dump. She is crazy about people, especially Bob.

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Junkyard Dogs

Junkyard Dogs

Every Saturday, the junkyard dogs come to the town dump to see Bob, he is much loved by people and by dogs. Fate is crazy about him, he has biscuits and sometimes donuts waiting for her. Ralph is also a regular, a venerable truck dog,  he and Fate often pull into the dump at the same time, Fate practically melts into the ground when she sees Bob.

I am fond of him, also, he is a decent and generous man. He sometimes reads the blog and a few years ago, he read that I had open heart surgery. Ever since them, he comes out and grabs the garbage cans before I can get to the. I tell him I'm fine, I can carry them, but he just laughs and ignores me.

It's an odd thing, but Bob makes going to the dump a pleasure for Maria and for me. And for Fate. I brought him a signed copy of ""Talking To Animals," I can't think of anyone more deserving.

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The Gulley Bridge Re-Opens

The Gulley Bridge

After two weeks of flooding, the Gulley Memorial Bridge has re-opened, dry at last as the flood waters around the farm receded. We are glad to have it back, Ed Gulley did a great job building that little bridge, it has withstood a racing stream and heavy blooding for days and weeks. Not a bruise.

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