10 May 2017

Red Returns To The Manson. Healing Time, For Him, For Them

Red's Reunion

I defied the doctor's orders again – I was told firmly Red had to be still and rest – and brought him to the Mansion after we learned his illness not not cancer. I thought Red needed to see those people, and I thought they needed to see him. The staff came rushing out to see him (Katie, Morgan and Mandi) kneeling in front of him, Julie Smith standing up behind them.

He was so glad to see them, he was trying so  hard to do his therapy stuff, but did not really have the strength. We brought him back to see Connie and Peggie and Jean and Barb – they needed to see him, and then he looked like he was out of gas, so I brought him home.

I believe work for a dog like Red is powerful medicine, it lifts his spirits, gives him strength and purpose. I won't over do it – no running or active sheep work. I heard one of the staffers say they were following the blog closely, "I don't know what we would do without Red."

And many of the residents were upset, they needed to take a look at him, they understand only too well the struggles of illness and the limits of medicine. There was enormous love and empathy for them, there are many big hearts in there. I have come to love the place, and honestly, I don't know what I would do without it.

Me either, I said. Time to figure out how to make him well and strong again.

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