19 May 2017

Summer Edges Towards The Mansion, Which She Has Adopted. Thanks.

Vet Bill Covered

Wednesday evening, I asked for some help in paying to have Summer spayed and tested so she could be cleared to live in the Mansion, assuming no health issues are raised by the residents. When I found out that the staff was pitching in to pay for her being spayed next week, and since I know what some of them make, I asked the Army Of Good for help.

The money came in beautiful small amounts and quickly. I posted the happy results. We will send  Summer off to the vet with $300 in hand and at least $100 more in reserve. Any money beyond the spaying will go into an account with the vet for further shots and treatments.

And I thank you. It was a happy moment when I brought that check over there, because the spaying will remove one of the last obstacles to Summer's being adopted. The residents are eager for  her to live there, she is affectionate and crafty, there is a sign on the door asking people not to let her in (they have to make sure it is healthy for everyone) but somehow, she often manages to get in, and ends up in bed curled around someone when they sleep.

She is already flirting with me when I meet her on the porch, but she is wary of Red, and usually vanishes when she sees him. I imagine that will change.

The doctors attached to the Mansion say there are no obstacles to her coming, as long as the rugs are vacuumed every week. The fact is, they are vacuumed every day. Your generosity has helped the staff and the residents get Summer inside, and also helped the staff, who generally don't have a lot of money to throw around.

Another win for the Army Of Good. You make me feel good about being a human being, I hope you feel that way about yourselves. In these sometimes angry times, small acts of kindness are healing and powerful.

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