12 July 2017

48 Hours Later: The Army Of Good Shows Up Again. Thanks.

Photo By Mandy

About 48 hours ago, I mentioned on the blog that some of the Mansion residents run out of soap and shampoo and body wash in the middle of the month, and can't afford to buy replacements until the next month, when they usually receive a small allowance.

I brought six bags of shampoo Monday, body wash and soap and shampoo, and today, the first supplies from the Army Of Good arrived at the Mansion. Mandy, a Mansion staffer, e-mailed me in the late afternoon. "The Army Of Good did it again. And this is just after one day!" This was a sweet sight, and the Mansion bathrooms are not well supplied with soap and shampoo and body wash.

I know more are on the way, and thanks, they will be used. I will check in every month to see how the supplies are, and if we need more, I will let you know. People are eager to do good given the chance, and you are doing a lot of good.

I makes my blood boil to think of the billions and billions of dollars insurance companies and politicians are making off of the elderly, but they can't find money to supply some of the most vulnerable people with the simple things they need to keep themselves clean.

At the Mansion, I think my mission is to fill the holes in the cracks when they appear or we can find them. Thanks so much for this. I'm grateful to Mandi, we both thought you should see the first mail delivery. Everyone will have washed by tomorrow. One of the residents e-mailed me, she said she couldn't believe it when she went into the bathroom and saw these good things for her.

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