15 July 2017

Gus, Liberated


With few exceptions, Gus is now liberated from his leash out in the pasture. The donkeys seem to love him, especially Fanny, and the dogs tolerate him out there, and the sheep are too busy grazing. They did run over him once a few days ago, it was a bit scary, I had turned away and didn't see Red pushing them and Gus got bounced around a bit. He shook it off and now has free run of the pasture.

This is a part of the life, the dogs learn to be alert and agile. Gus loves going out to work, he mostly tags along behind the Maria. No more leash in the pasture for Gus, unless there is some commotion.

He also follows the dogs around and has begun to explore. He is going to be a great farm dog as well as a fine therapy dog.

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