6 August 2017

Ed Gulley And The Tin Man 2

Tin Man 2

Ed Gulley has one of those creative minds that is never still, and since he never threw anything away in his life, he has plenty of tools and parts and artifacts to work with. In the Spring we bought his first quite wonderful Tin Man creation, he sits proudly on our front lawn.

I know how competitive Ed is,  even about something he has made himself and sold, and he went right to work building a better Tin Man. He hays and milks all day, and sneaks off to his workshop every night, just like Dr. Frankenstein in his lab. No one ever knows what is going to come out of there.

I'm not prepared to say Ed's Tin Man 2 is better, but it is pretty damn good. Tin Man 2 graces the front lawn of Bejosh Farm, and he has gone to work building a Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow, all inspired by the Wizard Of Oz, a movie that Ed loves. He plans to finish all three in time for the Washington County far, which opens in several weeks. It will be displayed in the Bejosh Farm cow exhibit in one of the cow barns.

I doubt anyone there has seen anything like it. I haven't.

It is my experience that when Ed says he is going to do something it will happen. I will definitely be at the County Fair. Ed plans to sell the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow after the fair. This could be his  great work, both as an artist and a farmer, all three works are made of farm parts and old farm tools and implements.

Check out his life and work at the Bejosh Farm Journal, his extremely popular blog.

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