11 August 2017

Gus’s Charm Campaign: A Kiss For The Feisty Zelda

A Kiss For Zelda

Gus's charm offensive has finally reached the sheep, who he has been watching closely for a week or two. He was pretty tough with them when Red was around, but otherwise cautious. This morning, he came into the Pole Barn with Maria and walked right up to Zelda, our most independent and tough-minded ewe, and just licked her on the nose.

She was taken aback, but accepting. It was a milestone in Gus's new life as a farm dog. You might remember that Zelda led two breakouts from the farm when she first came, leading a charge through the fence and up a busy highway for a mile or two, me and Red in hot pursuit (the pursuit for me was not so hot.)

Zelda has knocked me down more than once and gave Red a very hard time when she came. She is our toughest sheep. She seems enchanted by Gus, who has begun his campaign to win over the sheep, as he did the donkeys. Gus definitely a charmer. And Zelda is a tough nut to crack.

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