11 August 2017

Mansion Stories: First Printing Sold Out! More Books On The Way

First Printing

Good news, Battenkill Books reports they have already sold 100 copies of "Tales From The Mansion," a short story collection from the residents of the Mansion Assisted Care Facility in Cambridge, N.Y.

The book is the result of a story telling workshop I conducted at the Mansion in June with Activities Director Julie Smith.

There are 15 stories, the book is 38 pages and sells for $10 plus shipping. It is sold exclusive at Battenkill Books, they take paypal and major credit cards, you can order it online here. You can also call the story to pre-order, "Tales From The Mansion" at 518 677-2515.

These stories are important, I told the residents they are their stories, and I am proud of them for being open enough and brave enough to share them. The stories are poignant, touching, and surprising.

These are the stories of life and memory, from people living at the edge of life. The first printing was 200 copies, 100 of those will go to Mansion residents and their families. Looks like I need another 200. Thanks much. This was supported by the Army Of Good, another triumph for people who wish to do good rather than argue about what good is.

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