13 August 2017

Helping Sandi Bachom, A Brave Journalist And Patriot. A Casualty Of Charlottesville.

Sandi Bachom in Charlottesville Saturday.

Sandi  Bachom is a brave and ferociously honest videographer, journalist and patriot, she went to Charlottesville, Va., yesterday, spending $300 of her own money (she does not have a lot of money) to document  current events like the New York Carriage Horse controversy and yesterday, what is happening to our country in Virginia.

The violence in Charlottesville yesterday was one of the most disturbing and violent experiences in modern American history, made all the more so because so many of our leaders waffled over condemning it. Of course, Sandi Bachom, a friend, was in the thick of it. Where else would she be?

I know her well, she is a hero and inspiration to me, she is passionately committed to truth, reckless with her own safety, and sticking her neck out in the highest traditions both of patriotism and journalism. She has never blinked from danger, she always tells the truth, and she knows what facts are. No one has captured the anger and struggle of the New York Carriage Horse trade better than  Sandi.

Sandi went to Charlottesville to film the protests and counter protests as an accredited member of the media, she was there to work on an ongoing project to document current events.

While filming, she was pepper sprayed by protesters, and she still can't stop coughing, even a day later. She had sewage and urine and ink thrown on her. She was, as she always is, in the middle of the trouble.

She fell while filming and hit her head on the pavement and broke her wrist. She was taken to the emergency room just  minutes before the terrorist drove through the same street, right where she was filming.

Sandi spent $300 – she is by no means wealthy –  to go to where the action was, she was committed to showing what it happening in America, just as she has been committed to telling the truth about the New York Carriage Horses. Anyone who cares about truth  or who loves animals owes her a great debt. Sadly, Sandi  will have medical bills. She broke her glasses. She suffered dental damage. And she broke the camera on her phone, an essential tool for her.

Anyone who wants to send her some monetary support can do so through her PayPal account: Getreel@earthlink.net. Sandi is the real deal, we are all pressured to care for others during this time, Sandi is one of the most deserving people I know of. I sent her money without hesitation. If you are so moved, it would be great to help her. You can send her money on Paypal via Getreel@earthlink.net. I do not have any other address now.

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