18 August 2017

Poem: Inside My Garden: The Song Of Songs

Into The Garden

I crawled into our garden off of the back porch on Thursday with my camera, and was lost int the flowers,  when the sun was high in the sky and strong. In there, on my knees, I could hear the song of songs,  and wrote a poem inspired by the Kabbalah.


"There is one who sings the songs of his people,

the songs of humanity,

in the glory of the human race,

in the glory of the human form,

the spirit spreads,

aspiring to the goal of humankind.

From this spring of life

come the deepest reflections,

our searching striving, and vision.

There is one who expands even further

until he he unites with all of existence,

with all creatures, with all worlds,

singing a song with them all.

There is one who ascends

with all these songs in unison,

the song of the soul,

the song of the nation,

the song of humanity,

the song of the cosmos,

resounding together,

blending in harmony,

circulating the sap of life,

the sound of holy joy."


This poem was inspired by "The Song Of Songs" from the Kabbalah. I wrote it.

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