12 September 2017

For Sale! Beautiful Tote-Bags And Potholders Just In From India!

Maria and I are both astonished at the depth and beauty and rich colors of the big box of potholders and color and sturdy canvas tote-bags that just arrived from India. Most of you will remember that Maria went to India in February to reach young women in some rural villages how to make her potholders so they could make a living.

She saw that there is no real market in India for potholders, so she is selling them here in the United States. The first batch of 100 potholders came a couple of months ago and sold out right away. This new batch of 100, made from Indian fabrics, is enchanting.

The tote bags are a surprise, they are so well made and have rich and distinctive colors. The potholders are $15 plus shipping, the tote-bags are $25 plus shipping. You can watch the video and see for yourself but I would wager neither will be around for too long.

This is exciting for Maria, and for me. This is what we are about. She really stuck her neck out to get to India (not to mention leaving her husband behind in February on a farm on upstate New York during two blizzards), and seeing these beautiful pieces makes it all worth while. Come and see. Gus makes two cameo appearances.

Behind Maria is her new quilt inspired in part by Tantric symbols, I call it the Tantric Song. If you are interested in any of these things,  you can e-mail maria@fullmoonfiberart.com. You can also see them on her website, fullmoonfiberart.com. They will be offered for sale at our October Open House in several weeks if they are not already gone.

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