12 September 2017

Watching Sheep With Dogs. Red Is My Dog…It’s Best To Be Open.

Watching Sheep With Dogs: Photo By Maria Wulf

Sometimes, Red and I watch the sheep together in the morning, he always remains still and focused, I can stand right over him. Lately, a pesky and inquisitive puppy has been joining us, he also likes to watch the sheep, he seems to be trying hard to figure out what the other dogs are doing. Red is my dog, once and forever.

A long-time reader of my blog wrote Maria to say I used to be invisible before she came, she is glad to see me once in awhile. Before, she said,  it was just the dogs and the farm. Maria takes pictures of me, which made me squirm at first, but I got used to it. It's what we do, and I feel less invisible myself.

I have a lot more readers now than I ever had before, but some people have left the blog, saying they miss the days when the blog was only about dogs. They don't like all this other stuff. I'm sorry they feel that way, but it also tells me I have grown and changed.

I do not miss those days, they were hard and often empty for me, and my head was a mess.

It's best to be open, my life feels like it was let out of a stuffy and dark closet.

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