13 September 2017

On The Path With Dogs. For Sale, Limited Edition Of 15.

Walking In The Woods With Dogs

This picture keeps popping up in my dreams, it was taken with the new Daguerrotype Archomat lens and it evokes – at least for me – the almost mystical experience of walking in the deep woods in the late afternoon with dogs.

The lens creates a soft, otherwordly and magical feeling, it is  not crisp land literal like a digital lens. It is different, and that makes some people uncomfortable. It makes a lot more people happy, and I am flooded with requests for photos, but I want to sell only a few, and only when they are distinctive.

Change is always difficult and it would be great if everyone loved everything. But that is not the way of the world. Anything worth doing is upsetting to someone.

I love the way the lens has captured the spectrum of light in the late sun, and the feeling of the path. So I'm going to offer this photo for sale, it will be printed on archival paper (unframed) and will be 8 1/2 by 11 inches. The price is $75 signed, plus shipping, and it will be offered as a limited edition of 15.

I do not ever compare myself to Monet or any painter, but I am drawn to the impressionist style of photography for shots like this. It is a lot less soft and blurry than the great paintings of that time. I like the mix for me – this and digital both. Sometimes that clarity – the face of a dog – is essential.

If you are interested, you can e-mail maria at maria@fullmoonfiberart.com. She is handling all of our photo and art sales (she gets a commission.)

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