12 January 2018

Brighter Morning: Gus’s ME Journal, 1/12/18

Brighter Morning

A brighter morning for Gus, and for us.

When they say megaesophagus is an up and down disease, they weren't kidding. Yesterday was a low, today looks to be a high. We changed the daily feeding program dramatically. Gus eats four times a day now, and smaller amounts each time.

He already seems to have gained some weight, there have no regurgitations or other episodes, he is active, full of himself and he is all over Fate and even Red, to play. The hi-protein concentrate is helping him, I think, it is very soft and may be helping all of his food to go down more easily.

We had a very rocky start to Thursday, but the last 24 hours are looking good, we are buoyed. I just walked with Robin Gibbons, Gus's breeder, and I reassured her again that this is not a breeding issue, Gus's mother and father don't have it, neither do his siblings.

She loves her dogs dearly and is very upset about Gus, but I told her it has nothing to do with her breeding, the experts all say the same thing: this disease occurs randomly,  there is no pattern, rhyme or reason to it.

I told Robin Gus is an amazing dog, I would get another dog from her in a heartbeat, and our vet, who knows all of the dogs involved, couldn't agree more.

So we are feeling good and hopeful today. This will be a long slog, and we are not going to ride up and down on each wave. Today is, so far, a very good day.

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