11 April 2018

Why Are We Here? The Magic Of The Bead Box

The Power Of Hands And Beads

It is hard to capture the richness of the RISSE and the children who bring their smiles and trust and love there. The headbands and scarves and earrings and piercings, as I watched today, Teacher Emma joined three girls – one from Syria, one from Afghanistan, one from Africa, the treasure of the melting pot, they were all reaching out to gather their beads, one by one, to make bracelets for themselves and their mothers and sisters.

The bead box, one of a dozen sent by the people reading this, sat like a treasure box at the center of the new table as they gathered in the new soft blue chairs. The picture showed the pureness of trust and creativity, it came from a place of generosity and love.

This is why we are here, I think, to feel like this, to do things like this, to reach about the hatred and anger and greed and selfishness that is so sadly an integral part of being human. We can be better than that, we can do better than that.

Just look at this mystical table and the feeling around it. I am grateful to be alive and feel this warmth and goodness. I am grateful for the gift of it, and for the community forming behind and around it. These children are seeing the night, and embracing the hope for their future.

I think that's why I am here, right there, soaking up the magic f that bead box.

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