14 April 2018

Choosing A Business Card

Choosing A Business Card

I've only had a business card once or twice in my life and rarely used them. But I need one now. I'm going to be publishing my books myself (gulp) and beyond that, people often meet me and ask for a way to communicate with me. I don't usually give out my phone number, although in modern America, we have all surrendered our privacy for convenience, something I hope we don't regret but almost certainly will.

Rather than scramble for a cell phone or pen and pencil, I need a simple business card with my contact information, at least some of it. Some people want to have lunch or coffee, others want to send me something. It's time for a business card.

I asked Sara Kelly, a local graphic artist to design a business card for me. I asked her to keep it simple, and she sent me these two designs today.

I like the one on the bottom with the sheep very much. It's simple but has something of an animal/farm feel to it. I'm glad she choose the sheep, because I don't want to only be known as a dog  writer. The farm and the blog are wider than that.

So I'm leaning heavenly to the bottom one. If you have any thoughts, please feel to post a comment her on the blog or on FB. I am not crazy about advice, but I value feedback.

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