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11 February 2012

Valentine’s Week. Underway. Celebrating Women

Valentine's Week


At Bedlam Farm, we celebrate Valentine's Week, as there are so many amazing women here to love. First off is my former girlfriend, of course, and I stopped at the Valley Artisan's Market in Cambridge, N.Y. to get cards for today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. I especially loved Martha Starke's expressive papercards, made from flowers that she grows. (She can be e-mailed at Maria flipped over the first one.

I love women, and I love all the women here – Lenore, Frieda, Lulu, Fanny, Mother, Minnie (and we have not forgotten Rose) and the chickens. I will celebrate their existence all week, but only Maria is getting these very stylish and evocative cards. I will be hiding the cards all over the farmhouse and the Studio Barn for Maria to find.

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