23 June 2017

Gus At Home: A Peaceful Scene

A Peaceful Scene

When we got home, we all sat out on the lawn for awhile. Fate snarled at Gus, she wasn't sure what he was, and Red completely ignored him, as expected. Fate calmed down and sat with us, a good sign. It will take her awhile, she is a dominant and possessive creature, but she will get there. A great start today.

We had a great afternoon with Gus. He is walking on his leash, he eliminated outside, a wonderful first day.

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Gus Tour: Connie Is Up And Moving

Connie Is Up And Moving

Connie was delighted to see Gus, but quickly asked for Red. "Where is he?" I thought it best to just have one dog today, since Gus was new, Connie is loyal to Red and I assured her he will be back shortly and regularly. Gus did well though, and so is Connie.

We have talked to her several times about the importance of getting up, as has the staff, for her back and breathing, and a therapist came and helped her to start taking short walks.  I promised to come and walk with her and Red so she is up and walking again, going even further than the therapist suggested, I think.

This was wonderful to see, it was so hard for her to stand.

Her new medication arrived, and is working, and I was much relieved to see her looking much brighter and more comfortable. She will be knitting again soon, I think. I can't – there are not words –  tell you how much your cards and letters and photographs mean to her, she has a huge stack next to her chair and she showed us one from Belgium this morning, along with messages from every part of the country.

She loves reading them to Maria and me.

Connie could hardly believe the stack, about a foot high now. The staff says the letters are essential in her fighting back from a tough week and keeping her spirits and drive high. You are angels come to serve an Army Of Good, you have helped enormously.

Maria and I are taking her for a walk with Red tomorrow, if you can keep the cards and letters coming that would be great.  Your Fourth of July gifts and messages are beginning to arrive, that is also wonderful. You have  transformed the whole meaning of holidays for these people.

There is much conflict and mean-spiritedness in the air, you have cut through that with your big hearts and empathy. There is nothing harder for these people than to feel forgotten and left behind, and you have transformed that for them.

I have a new and updated listed of Mansion residents who would love to receive your letters, all at this address: The Mansion, 11 S. Union Street, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

Bruce, Allan, Sylvie, Jean, John Z., Tim, John, Alanna, Peggie, Ellen, Joan, Brenda, Connie, Alice, Madeline, Mary, Barbara, William, Brother Peter, Diane, Helen, Jane, Dottie, Anita, Richard, Gerry, Charlotte, Arthur, Shirley, Robert.

I am certain Gus will work well as a therapy dog, an exciting day for him, for us. For you all, thank you and bless you for showing so many people how much good there is in human beings, when they are given the chance. You are our better angels.

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The Main Street Gus Tour: Meeting Jane

At The Mansion

As expected, Gus touched off a minor riot at the Mansion, the residents went wild over him and he was passed around to many loving hands. It is too early in the game, but I think he will be a great therapy dog, he just loves people and gives them attention and affection.

Jane, a budding artist and writer, took him and held him for awhile. He left many smiles in his wake, he has joined the Mansion family, part of my family now. Thanks so much for your letters and gifts, they are so much appreciated. The Fourth Of July messages and packages and cards are beginning to arrive. Thanks for that. We will be there for the celebration. Gus and Red will be busy.

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Gus Meets Scott: The Main Street Tour.

At The Round House Cafe

Scott was eager to meet Gus, so we left the bookstore and went to the Round House Cafe, this was a good match, they loved one another right away. I will say that Gus is very fond of people, he is easy being handled, and people sure love him. Scott has agreed to help socialize Gus and I will leave him at the Round House for some hours at a clip so he can get used to all kinds of people, and noise and commotion.

He seems very calm and grounded, I think he will be a great dog for us. I am eager to get to know him better. Tonight will be a long night, I expect some screaming and complaining, his first night alone in the crate. But he was in the crate twice today and except for a few squawks, seemed at ease there.

Scott is eager for a dog, but is too insanely busy right now opening up the new cafe. He can borrow Gus whenever he wants.

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Gus, The Wizard Master, Tours Our Town

Gus Meets Connie: To The Bookstore

We went straight from Robin Gibbon's house to Main Street, the Battenkill Bookstore, The Round House Cafe, and then to the Mansion assisted care facility. It was a triumphal tour, Gus was quite remarkable, he loved everyone he met, was calm and charming.

It was a tough transition for him, he had just left his mother and siblings behind and was seeing a lot of strange people and places, but he was game, we did amazingly well for the first day. People sure love puppies, and people need cheering up these days. In a sense this was Gus's debut as a therapy dog, and he passed with flying colors.

He seemed right at home in the bookstore, and Connie nearly melted away. Good boy, I said, bookstores are important to us. He seemed to get that.

At home, we sat out in the yard, played with him, got to know each other. He was wary of the donkeys. Fate was, for  her, gracious until she tried to steal Gus's toy back she barked and snarled a bit, but normal dog posturing. I think she has accepted him very well.

We're taking him to the hardware store and then to the Round House for pizza. More photos coming. A great first day.

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