2 October

Looking forward

by Jon Katz

 October 2, 2009 – Several years ago, I fell into a dark and fearful place. It was a time of great loss and confusion, and of facing up to the worst parts of myself. One of the many awful things I remember is a state in which I had stopped looking forward to things, an awful void in the center of my soul. I discovered that it is important to look forward to things, and to make sure there are things worth looking forward to.
  It is important to remember them, and be grateful for them. I have made a partial list. I look forward to every second I spent with Maria. I look forward to every walk I take with the dogs. And every hour I spend with my friends.
 I look forward to every photograph I take. I look forward to publishing my novel, “Rose In A Storm.” And to beginning work on the next one.
  I look forward to speaking in Orlando on January 18 at the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC). I look forward to teaching a story-telling workshop at the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council (LARAC) in March, and then again, in July.
  I look forward to trips to New York City. And to Florence. And to Boston. And to the Merck Forest to camp out for a weekend. I look forward to my new home, wherever it might be. And to hikes. And riding my bike. And seeing my daughter.
  That’s enough for now. It’s a lost. People with things to look forward to are fortunate, blessed. I am grateful that I remember look forward.

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