17 November

Dog, Jimmy’s Cafe, Tribecca. A question of balance

by Jon Katz

Like my dogs, this dog knows a camera when he sees one

 Life is often a matter of balance, I think, of seeking to weigh one impulse against another, one place along with another. I loved the energy and intensity of New York, the people, culture, insanely ubiquitous energy. And I was happy to drive down my hill and onto the farm, and Maria and I went for a walk this evening and listened to the quiet. We both had a great time, in part because we were together I think. We tend to love wherever we both are.
  What we learned this weekend was this: one need not exclude the other. People in New York City cannot imagine life anywhere else, people in the country find New York City unfathomable. Yet people in each are simply loving what they know, where they feel safe and at home. I am a citizen of nowhere, really, a lifelong refugee from everywhere. I was an outsider in school, college, work and life. I live outside of the tent, it isn’t a good or bad thing, simply me, and I am at peace with it, finally. New York enriches my sense of life on the farm, and the farm enriches my sense of life elsewhere. I am not a one-experience type of guy. I can do both. 
  When you belong nowhere, really, you can live everywhere.

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