19 November

Catching the Bedlam Farm Sunset. The Small Things In Life

by Jon Katz

Sunset over the Big Dairy Barn

  These days are important for me. Maria and I have settled into a lovely and committed relationship, and I am lucky to have it.
  And work that I love.
  I am undertaking some serious creative work: fiction, children’s books, now a book of short stories.
  And my photography. I am trying to figure out where I want to go with it, just how much of an artist I want to be, and can be.
  Last year was an awful one, shaped largely by my divorce. This year life seems to be moving forward, a different reality. But I am still recovering from it.
  The farm is up for sale, but I hope it takes awhile.
  I am slowing down, getting to know myself, listen to myself, consider peace and quiet. There are new and wonderful people in my life, many things to look ahead to joyously and with enthusiasm. I am looking for a spiritual life within myself these days, and not elsewhere.
  I am changing, recovering, learning.

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