22 November

Don’t Mess With Mother The Barn Cat

by Jon Katz

  She is one tough mother. Haven’t seen a rat or mouse in a couple of years, and that is saying something on a farm with four barns.
  I met an Adirondacks Animal Rehabilitator yesterday – Liz Stewart – and she has agreed to work with me on the novel “Rose Running,” a sequel to “Rose In A Storm,” due out next Fall from Random House.  Liz has worked with skunks, otters, beavers, coyotes and mountain lions. I’m going to put a coyote and mountain lion in the novel. In December I’m going up to the Adirondacks to hang out with Liz and learn more.

  This week: I will work on the final few edits of “Rose In A Storm.”
                 I expect to work on my children’s book, “The Dogs of Bedlam Farm.”
                 I expect to finish my first short story, “Gracie’s Last Walk.”
                 I hope to sleep for at least eight hours.
                 I plan on getting buzzed one night on Vodka and cranberry juice. Just for the hell of it.
                 I plan on finishing three of the four books I am reading right now.
                 Saturday, Mary Kellogg and Maria and I will be at Gardenworks to hustle books, ASA calendars, Mary’s new book “Whistling Woman,” Maria’s potholders. We are a creative community of encouragement. Come see us at work.

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