29 November

Moss on a tree trunk, in the morning light. A happy fall.

by Jon Katz

Taken with a 100 mm Canon macro lens, ss 1/125, aperture f 3.5,
 ISO 100 at ll a.m.

  This shot was a happy accident. I was climbing up a slope to push away some deer guts Lenore was eating and I fell, sliding down
in the mud and landing on my shoulder on top of a tree trunk, my camera and bag scattered all over the ground. Rose running up to lick my face and push me to get up. I was covered in mud and crud but when I rolled over to get up, I saw this gorgeous sight: a beam of sunlight was falling right onto this moss-covered tree trunk. I took off the 15-36 medium zoom and got the macro because I wanted to focus sharply up close, and soften the light to the front and back of the focal point point. Then I lay down on my belly and put my face on the tree and just lay the camera down in front of me. Yukky but sweet.
  Creativity to me is responding to things. A fall is no fun, but look where it landed me. I would never have thought to take that photo walking around. And the deer guts are still out there.

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