30 November

Rainy day, cont.

by Jon Katz

Raindrop in front of the bar. 100 mm macro, ss 1/100, aperture 2.8, ISO 200
The red was enhanced a bit in Aperture. I highlighted the contrast to make the drop stand out
from the backdrop. No sunlight, very cloudy.

 November 30, 2009 – To be honest, today sort of got away from me. It’s been raining and dreary, a true November day, and I was interrupted by too many things to recount – phone calls, business stuff, farm chores. I made a bit of headway on the short story, but felt a bit down, so I’m quitting, heading to Manchester for dinner and a visit to the Image Loft to check on my photos for the January 9 photo show. Be back at it tomorrow, posting more tonight. The photo was good for today.

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