30 November

Smile. The Hound of Love has found another mudhole.

by Jon Katz

  I have to say having a dog like Lenore provides perspective and grounding. She loves food, playing, water and gross things to eat. And she loves all of them every day of her life. She inspires me to do what I love, and love what I do. And to live my life. For my birthday last August, Maria gave me a money clip. I always stuffed money in my pockets and it was always falling all over the place. It is engraved, quoting Mary Oliver the poet: “Put Your Lips To The World. And Live.” It is one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received, and that verse was my mantra during some dark days. I said it all the time, wrote it often.
  It is my ideology, really. I love the idea of putting one’s lips to the world. And living. It’s what I hope to do all the rest of my days.


 Farm decision notes. I am moving towards some clarity I think. I am not ready to sell the farm right now, which works out, because I don’t think anyone is ready to buy it right now, either. Life is strange that way, sometimes lending  a helping hand with decisions. I am holding off on any animals, because I don’t want to get any if I’m not committed to staying awhile, even though I have few problems re-homing animals, if the home is good.
  The farm works for Maria and for me. We both feel very creative here.So I’m not all the way there, but that’s where I’m leaning, and it feels pretty good. You can always sell a place. But you can’t always stay. I may sell off a couple of small chunks, if I can, to lower upkeep and taxes. It’s where I am now. I don’t know if it’s a heart versus mind decision or not. I love writing here and living here, and as my friend Arlene said, that counts for a lot.

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